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Did Folk Alliance Stop the Music? NO WAY!

September 2004

Rumors have been flying that showcasing and music are a thing of the past at Folk Alliance. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Bottom line? If you want to come to play or showcase at Folk Alliance in Montréal, Folk Alliance will guarantee you the chance in one or more of the following ways.

Performance Alley

25 minute music sets, in rooms set up with quality sound reinforcement provided by professional engineers.

Marketplace Stage

3-song, 20-minute sets in a stage set up in the exhibit hall – close to the Marketplace café.

All(most) Star Cafe

Folk Alliance’s long-standing Open Mic, this year in the very high traffic lobby bar at the main conference hotel.

We’ll find a way to include everyone who wants to participation in these sanctioned conference activities.

But if you STILL haven’t had enough, the Montréal Hyatt Regency (our conference headquarters hotel) has agreed to organize itself into music and quiet floors. You can work directly with the hotel (independent of Folk Alliance) to book your room on a music floor to supplement Folk Alliance showcasing opportunities.

The good news for those who want a good night’s sleep? There are plenty of rooms on quiet floors in Hyatt as well!

Can you play music at many hours and in many places in Montréal?

You certainly can!

Is Folk Alliance going to stop you playing music in your hotel room?

Absolutely not. It’s your hotel room, and what you do there is between you and the hotel management.

So get ready to go travel to Montréal in February – with the added bonus of our conference community enhanced by the addition of festivals, agents, record labels and media from Europe and around the world as we get ready for Strictly Mundial – Strictly Worldwide!

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